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I am a passionate Ferrari owner and  have over 30 years experience in electronics and computers and owned a  company that provided systems integration services to many Australian government  agencies.

About 8 years ago I  "retired" from the IT industry and became involved in property development and  recently became the company Chairman and a founding investor of an energy company.  

I still like to dabble in electronics in my spare time, which is why I decided to set up this website to help other Ferrari owners. 


Please use the form below and remember to include the model of Ferrari, a description of the problem, your location and also phone number If you'd like me to call you.


All inquiries answered within 12 hours.




​Solutions for FERRARI 355 360 456 550 and 575 immobilisers



To help other Ferrari owners with their immobiliser problems, PIN code retrieval and immobiliser repairs .



Was inspired by a friends experience  who had lost all 3 remote fobs and whose  Ferrari was undriveable for 6 months while waiting for a replacement immobiliser system and set of 3 fobs from the factory. A complete  new system was  necessary because the pin code he had did not work.  

I only had 1 fob and no PIN code for my car, so I  decided to figure out how the system worked.    




We are located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Please contact me for shipping details.  

(Not  really us, just  some good looking folks from the 'net.)


Australia ? 

​It comes as a surprise to many that the immobiliser fitted to your Ferrari was designed and manufactured right here in Australia, so it should come as no surprise that an Australian has the resources  and expertise to understand, read and program the Ferrari immobiliser system.