​Solutions for FERRARI 355 360 456 550 and 575 immobilisers

Programming your Ferrari

Immobiliser to accept fobs 

This video shows you how to program the immobiliser in your Ferrari 355, 360, 456M, 550 and 575 to learn new remote fobs.

The first step of the process is the same as starting your Ferrari with pin code and key, the second step is to put the immobiliser in to "learning mode" and the third step is to press the button on each remote, starting with the red master. 

The red master transmits the pin code to the immobiliser, and if the pin code is the same as then one already stored on the immobiliser, the immobiliser WILL NOT ENTER LEARNING MODE and you will not be able to add replacement fobs.

To program the immobiliser you will need a master fob with a pin code that is different to the one stored on the immobiliser  and the programming process transfers this pin code to the immobiliser and replaces the previous pin code.

We can re-program your red master with a different pin code so you can add replacement fobs to your immobiliser. 


Starting your Ferrari

with pin  code and key

This video shows you how to start your Ferrari 355, 360, 456M, 550 and 575 using the igniton key and the immobiliser pin code..